Using Wikipedia Offline

Did you know that the entire Wikipedia can be stored on your disk and you can access it when you are offline?

Oh Yes! WikiTaxi is the magic tool you would need!

Wikipedia regularly dumps its data so that it could be used by other applications, and you just need to download one of those database dumps. I have been using WikiTaxi from a year and a half now and I just feel amused by the way it works! I can always go to it just like when I’m online. 🙂

Wonderful isn’t it? You just need to download the database dump (which is pretty big : the one I have is over 7 GB), and the new updated dumps are frequently added in their site if you want them. You then make your database file using WikiTaxi Importer that comes with the package, and start using it! The WikiTaxi Site has all the detailed instructions.


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